McMinn-Meigs Baptist Association
Friday, September 29, 2023
United in Kingdom Service

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Used Literature
Thank you to all of the churches who have brought used literature to the Baptist Office.  The literature is picked up and taken to a place in Alabama; from there it is distributed all over the world.  Many people in poorer countries are thankful to receive Christian literature, songbooks, and especially Bibles. 
    Note:  If you have news regarding something happening at your church or some word about your Pastor or other staff member, please call us at 745-2248 no later than the 20th of the month and we will be glad to publish it in the next issue of LINKS!

If you are moving and receive a newsletter, please update your address with us at the Baptist Association in advance so we do not send your newsletter to your previous address. You can call us anytime during our business hours to change your address @ 423-745-2248.

We have new Tracts come by and get some. It's always great to be able to share Gods Word.
The Association is not a dumping ground. On 8/11/23 there were 4 very heavy boxes of New Testament bibles left outside. What also happened that day might you ask? First thing this morning it rained. What happens to books when they get wet? This is unacceptable behavior from full grown adults. I had no doubt that it was going to rain as soon as I went outside this morning as it was a complete cloud cover and very dark. IF YOU CAN NOT BRING WHAT YOU HAVE INSIDE THEN YOU SHOULDN"T BE HERE WITH IT. 4 boxes of bibles ruined. If you would not like to start your day out first thing in the morning like this, then why would you force someone else to?  Now the bibles have to be taken around to the dumpster after the pour down and after they have been turned to mush.