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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Ramp Project Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in having Christian Builders build a ramp for you. Below is some important information to be thinking about.

We build American Disabilities Act (ADA) approved ramps, where the materials are paid for with grants, donations from churches, or family members.

We design the ramp according the measurements taken at your home and ADA specifications. There are three basic designs we use to put your ramp in place. The ramp can be a straight ramp, a switch back ramp, or a U shaped ramp. We will discuss these designs with you at your interview. All ramps will be built to a 1 inch per 1 foot rise rate (1:12).

To qualify for a grant, you will need to provide proof you are disabled, and meet minimum income requirements. Please note that we will only consider a ramp project at the disabled individual's residence. You will fill out the grant form(s) for the materials we specify and we will submit them. We will notify you if the grant is approved or denied. If you are approved, the grant money will be paid directly to the material supplier for the materials for your ramp. We will also discuss the ramp installation time line with you when we notify you that you have been approved.

If your church or family is able to provide the materials, but cannot provide or afford the labor, Christian Builders may be able to help. We may ask you to provide proof of income, to certify you are in need of our ministry. We strive to help those that are truly in need, as the volunteers take time from their families, and sometimes their jobs, to build for you, and there are many other who also need ramps. NO VOLUNTEER WITH CHRISTIAN BUILDERS RECEIVES ANY PAY FOR THE MINISTRY WE DO!

Our coordinators are available to assist churches or families with planning for a ramp for a disabled individual.

We try as much as possible to get a local McMinn-Meigs Baptist Association church to partner with us to build your ramp. Christian Builders is a Christian ministry of the McMinn-Meigs Baptist Association, and as such we use volunteers that are Christ minded. We minister in the area of McMinn and Meigs counties. This is a local mission.

Our volunteers will consist of experienced carpenters that will oversee your project, handy men, and others, including youth, that may do non-skilled tasks, such as digging holes, carrying supplies, or clean up of the site when the ramp is completed.

We generally will try to plan a project on Saturdays, and try to complete the project in one day. Sometimes, we may have to work on a weekday to do preparation work.

If you feel you may meet the guidelines for a grant, you may contact the McMinn-Meigs Baptist Association at 423-745-2248, and a project coordinator will contact you for an interview appointment at your home.

Again, thank you for your interest, and may God richly bless you!


Volunteer workers, you may download an application here.

You can fax this form to:  745-7693
or mail to:
McMinn-Meigs Association of Baptists
350 North Congress Parkway
Athens, TN  37303